Grand Union Orchestra

There is no musical organisation on the planet quite like the Grand Union Orchestra. For over 30 years, we have brought together glorious singers and stunning instrumentalists from all over the world to create spectacular live shows, combining music and theatre and reflecting vividly the society we live in today.


Across six performances in June at London's legendary Wilton's Music Hall, Song of Contagion drew great audiences, and was widely acclaimed as the Company's best show yet. The response was extraordinarily emotional, perhaps reflecting the current public mood - apprehension, uncertainty, concern for inequality and injustice - but above all a common humanity. 

Read the complete set of audience responses herereviews here
The show is now available on DVD, and can be heard complete here

GRAND UNION'S work falls into six main strands


Our core musicians and singers introduce themselves in this 6-minute video, describe the Orchestra's music and why it is important to them, and can be seen in action in 20 minutes of exhilarating highlights from Undream'd Shores: 


At a time when our society seems in danger of tearing itself apart, we need music and the arts more than ever. So let's remind ourselves of all that's good and positive in multicultural Britain today, and some of the benefits of living in a society shaped by migration:


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