Video Selection

Video clips illustrating our projects are scattered throughout this website, and can be found on our Youtube channel. Here is a selection from various shows.


Riding the Iron Tiger - the dramatic story of  Mr Yamamoto, slave to the production line of the Toyota car factory:


Red Soil - a young British-born Bengali questions his father about his experience of the war in Bangladesh in the 1970s:


Mr Never-Smile - the universal immigration officer (Eleggua disguised):

Yemanja - celebrating the Yoruba orissa or spirit of rivers and the oceans


Salsa Eleggua - the finale, exuberant Afro-Cuban celebration of the Yoruba orissa, guardian of the cross-roads:

Carta ao Mar - soulful Portuguese elegy to the sea, with Portuguese guitar and plangent flugelhorn solo:


I Live in the City - the upbeat opening of the show, with lyrics by New York school children, featuring the Grand Union Youth Orchestra :

By The Waters of Babylon - setting of the great biblical lament, building into impassioned duet between two alto saxophones and roaring big band:


If You Should Fall - many-layered choral piece expressing the determination and hope of migrants seeking a new home:


Four-Loom Weaver - English folk song combined with Indian classical Rag Kafi and 12 beat time cycle Ektal:

Lalon Ki Jat Bhangra - Indian ensemble and European classical orchestra combine in the powerful coda of Red Soil:


By the Waters of Babylon - full orchestra version with jazz solos and extended chorus riffs:



Milon Hobe - Lalon's classic song to a West African rhythm, with searing vocals by Sumi, in contention with the blistering trumpet of Claude Deppa:


Sojoni - richly harmonised version of Meherun Kanak's popular Bengali ballad, with the lyrical flugelhorn of Shanti Paul Jayasinha:


Jiki Miki - Kala Miah sings his delightful baul song to a reggae beat with great solo by alto saxophonist Tony Kofi:


A documentary film of Grand Union's visit  to Bangladesh, during which we met and rehearsed with these singers prior to their visit to London to perform in the Brick Lane Mela, can be viewed here.

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