Video Selection

Video clips illustrating our projects are scattered throughout this website, and can be found on our Youtube channel and Library ChannelHere is a selection from various shows.


Riding the Iron Tiger - the dramatic story of  Mr Yamamoto, slave to the production line of the Toyota car factory:


Red Soil - a young British-born Bengali questions his father about his experience of the war in Bangladesh in the 1970s:


Mr Never-Smile - the universal immigration officer (Eleggua disguised):

Yemanja - celebrating the Yoruba orissa or spirit of rivers and the oceans


Salsa Eleggua - the finale, exuberant Afro-Cuban celebration of the Yoruba orissa, guardian of the cross-roads:

Carta ao Mar - soulful Portuguese elegy to the sea, with Portuguese guitar and plangent flugelhorn solo:


I Live in the City - the upbeat opening of the show, with lyrics by New York school children, featuring the Grand Union Youth Orchestra :

By The Waters of Babylon - setting of the great biblical lament, building into impassioned duet between two alto saxophones and roaring big band:


Four-Loom Weaver - English folk song combined with Indian classical Rag Kafi and 12 beat time cycle Ektal:


By the Waters of Babylon - full orchestra version with jazz solos and extended chorus riffs:

Lalon Ki Jat - Lalon Shah's well-known baul song with virtuoso tabla and Indian instrument ensemble:


Lalon Ki Jat Bhangra - Indian ensemble and European classical orchestra combine in the powerful coda to the song:


If You Should Fall - many-layered choral piece expressing the determination and hope of migrants seeking a new home:


Salsa Eleggua - full orchestra, Indian ensemble and choir in a Latin-American version of the chant of the Yoruba orissa:



Milon Hobe - Lalon's classic song to a West African rhythm, with searing vocals by Sumi, in contention with the blistering trumpet of Claude Deppa:


Sojoni - richly harmonised version of Meherun Kanak's popular Bengali ballad, with the lyrical flugelhorn of Shanti Paul Jayasinha:


Jiki Miki - well-known baul singer Kala Miah sings his popular song arranged by Tony Haynes to a reggae beat with a great solo by alto saxophonist Tony Kofi:


Bangla Jazz - a documentary film of Grand Union's visit  to Bangladesh, when we met these singers prior to their visit to London to perform in the Brick Lane Mela:

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