Grand Union excels at spectacular shows featuring professional performers, but we also produce similar work with amateur and student performers, often on a smaller scale, and including participatory workshops and education activities.

These pages describe a variety of such projects past and present. Many of them provide a useful model or template that can be replicated elsewhere in the country with similar participants or to suit different local circumstances and conditions.

Click here for details of our current flagship project Remembering Cable Street

There are also several ongoing projects, including our long-established Youth Orchestra, and the more recent Grand Union World Choir. Both these are always open to new members.

                                       GRAND UNION WORLD CHOIR

The Choir was formed specially for Undream'd Shores at the Hackney Empire in November 2014, to represent and celebrate the extraordinary variety of cultural communities now living in London. It played a crucial role in that show, seen to great effect in this video of highlights:

The Choir is led by the charismatic, respected and highly experienced choir director Naveen Arles. It has performed many times since its Empire debut, most notably as part of the Southbank singing festival over the Easter weekend, and at St John's Bethnal Green as part of the Isle is Full of Noises.

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