Grand Union excels at spectacular shows featuring professional performers, but we also produce similar work with amateur and student performers, often on a smaller scale, and including participatory workshops and education activities.

These pages describe a variety of such projects past and present. Many of them provide a useful model or template that can be replicated elsewhere in the country with similar participants or to suit different local circumstances and conditions. 

However, our latest project, The Isle is Full of Noises, is an unusual new departure: a two-week programme of workshops and performances that combines music with discussion, on how artists can reflect and respond creatively to the UK's rapidly changing demographic.

                                     THE ISLE IS FULL OF NOISES

We are daily bombarded with statistics about migration, but what does it mean for the arts, what opportunities are offered to migrant and migrant-descended artists and communities, how can we embrace these new audiences, and above all what new, original, imaginative work can be created by, with and for them? But rather than just talk about these questions, we wanted to present some practical examples – and most important of all, identify work that could only be created or imagined in a society shaped by migration.

So we teamed up with our East London neighbours Queen Mary University of London, together with other companies, organisations and venues we are regularly associated with, to produce this programme. Hosted by musicians from the Grand Union Orchestra – who themselves are born and bred into an amazing number of musical traditions worldwide – this series of events presents a range of collaborations (between old and young, amateur and professional) across different cultures. It culminates in an open forum in which people from the worlds of the arts, academia, education and the media can exchange views and share practice – and celebrate our diversity!

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