If Paradise

If Paradise was originally commissioned by the Eastern Orchestral Board and toured widely across the whole of the UK for three years.

A performance in Leeds was recorded live by the BBC, broadcast on Radio 3 and released as a CD. Excerpts from an earlier performance in Cambridge can be found here. The show has had enthusiastic full-length reviews by John Fordham and Chris May


"If Paradise is as relevant today as it ever was, but how to interpret the work in detail is very much up to the listener. I am not religious – in fact, I’m a devout non-believer – but I have always been fascinated by religion, and respect many of its traditions. Much of the beauty in our world has been created by artists inspired by religion; but religion has also been at the root of most of the world’s greatest atrocities; and what we call ‘spiritual experience’ often has a very sensual, physical expression – covering a broad band from love to hatred, sex to violence." Tony Haynes, GUO Director

Full cast list and lyrics can be found here

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