GUYO nationally

Following the success of the Grand Union Youth Orchestra in London, the model is being replicated with partners in other areas of the UK, and indeed abroad. There are therefore an increasing number of opportunities for young musicians outside London to get the full GUYO experience.


The first regions to commission us to initiate mixed ensembles for young musicians were Essex and Cambridgeshire; they were also enthusiastic partners in the setting up of our first Summer School in 2014. Opportunities for young musicians from these counties are posted regularly on this page.

 Here is a taste of the music you are likely to play in one of our regional projects...

Two pieces from our Cambridge Corn Exchange concert in 2015: first, one based on a West African chant and drum rhythms; secondly, Salsa Sinfonica, a semi-improvised Afro-Cuban version of the first movement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony:


The Summer School draws young musicians from all over the UK and the repertoire is equally broad. Here is a piece based on the Indian classical Rag Charukeshi:


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