Akash Sultan

Bangladesh. Voice.

Akash Sultan is a young, but very well established and respected musician. 

He was born in the UK but later raised in northern Bangladesh. He parents were not musical but Akash was encouraged to learn voice and harmonium from the age of 10. 

At 18 he gained a diploma in classical music from the Sylhet Music Academy and started his professional career, performing on radio broadcasts on a local and national level. 

He returned to the UK in 1995 to study and set about trying to immerse himself in music. It didn’t tale long before he was well established in the London Bengali music scene. 

He joined Grand Union in 2000, has since played at some of the UK’s biggest and most prestigious venues and festivals including Sadlers Wells and the Leeds Mela. He has also worked as and actor on Bengali TV and has run workshops for children.

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