The Isle is Full of Noises

If a musical instrument were an animal, what animal would it be? In the classical orchestra, perhaps something tame and domesticated. The Grand Union Orchestra on the other hand features rarer breeds - 'music raw in tooth and claw'!

The Isle is Full of Noises is designed for families, to give particularly younger children the opportunity to meet some of those less familiar instruments that inhabit our island today, the musicians who play them, and the styles of music they are associated with. 


 The Isle is Full of Noises has a number of component parts that explore these ideas:

The Isle is Full of Noises was originally conceived for the national Family Arts Festival, to complement our spectacular show Undream'd Shores and the music and ideas presented in it, explained fully in this brochure.

For presentation in schools or for smaller scale events, the concert element can take the form of Music in Other Lands, with typically four to six musicians.

In a further variation, this concert in turn can include local young musicians performing music created during workshops, alongside GUO musicians. 


Music Untamed

Music Untamed is Grand Union's flagship project for young musicians - creating spectacular performances exploring improvisation and music from around the world, under the guidance of GUO musicians expert in these traditions.

Music Untamed, Fairfield Halls Croydon, March 2016

Music Untamed is performance-orientated approached through a comprehensive workshop programme. Led by Grand Union musicians specialist in major musical traditions worldwide, it enables young musicians - whether primary, secondary or college students the opportunity to explore music from around the world. Improvisation, whether solo or collective, is an important ingredient. These videos are taken from a version commissioned by Croydon Music and Arts supported by the Mayor's Music Fund.

This project is featured as a  case study on the MMF website, and singled out as exemplary work in its Impact Report for 2016, including these 10 minutes of highlights from the final performance:

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