Grand Union has been recording music for the last 25 years. These tracks show the amazing musical range and distinctive sound of the Grand Union Orchestra.

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Call and response brass, saxes and drums based on a Yoruba chant with blistering trumpet solo and African drums

Bhangra Brass 

Big band take on the popular dhol rhythm powered by drums and bass guitar, from the Grand Union Orchestra show Doctor Carnival.


Kora, djembe and voice lead in a typical Mandinga tune, with punchy brass riffs, from the Orchestra CD The Rhythm of Tides.

song of reconciliation

Brass and saxophones in a South African-style 12/8 number built around the kora and its melodic pattern. from the CD The Rhythm of Tides. 

Ca Ira

Implacable drums and preachy trombone driving the iconic song of the French Revolution, from the Grand Union Orchestra CD Freedom Calls.


Haunting song evoking travel along the ancient Great Silk Road, from the CD Now Comes the Dragon's Hour.

the golden highway

The sounds of the ancient gu zheng (Chinese harp) and a haunting woman's voice introduce this biting, forceful song in which two contrasted singers argue about the dominance of global corporate culture, against a background of rich orchestration and blistering jazz solos – the Silk Road in the 21st Century! From our show The Golden Highway commissioned for the London 2012 Festival.

perfumes of paradise blues

High octane electric guitar and spine-tingling vocals over Indian rag-based harmony, from the CD If Paradise...

picking betel palm

Gu zheng (Chinese harp) in a richly harmonised Chinese folk-song, featured in Bengal Tiger, Shanghai Dragon and the touring show Trading Roots.


Turkish baglama (saz), Anatolian vocal and plangent flugelhorn solo, from the CD Around the World in 80 Minutes.

by the waters of babylon 

Track from Grand Union Orchestra album 'The Song of Many Tongues', by Tony Haynes, featuring Gail Anne Dorsey (voice) and Rick Taylor (trombone).. 


This track comes from the Grand Union Orchestra's most recent show 'Undream'd Shores', premiered to huge acclaim at the Hackney Empire on November 1st/2nd. Written by GUO composer/director Tony Haynes, it is a double big band version of a much-loved song by famous Bengali poet/songwriter Lalon Shah.

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