Mingo Rangel

Mozambique. Guitar, Voice

Born in Mozambique in the city of Beira, Mingo soon began his studies of guitar with the teacher Alfredo Costa. As a guitarist, he regularly integrates the Grand Union Orchestra, based in London. With this orchestra, he has conducted workshops and performances in various European countries and recorded a live CD at The Queen Elizabeth Hall in 1999. His own successes have been recorded and interpreted by the panorama Lusophone names such as: Paulo de Carvalho, Alex Silva, Maria Joao Silveira, among others. With Maria Jose Moreira (Ju) he founded the group Aqua d'iris and wrote the CD meridians, with which to make known issues unique and diverse, incorporating a mixture of different cultures and traditions. Following the project Agora at The Peninsular Debate, held annually in Extremadura, and by the invitation of the Instituto Camões, Dave is his most recent contribution in terms of musical composition. With the sponsorship of Institite Camões, he is also preparing a new CD collaborating with actors Eugénia Bettencourt , João Soromenho, António Cara D’Anjo and Lawrence Bettencourt. Mingo recently performed on the recordings Dawn in Zanzibar and Acacia. Water D'Alma is the new project in which they are all involved with Louise Ortigosa, and which will soon rise to the stage of the European Maxime..


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