Grand Union Orchestra musicians – many of them first-generation migrants – come from all parts of the globe. For many years they have been passing on their special skills in world music and improvisation to younger musicians. Now the Second Generation is ready to take flight, blending genres and styles, old and new, from the world of East London today!

WE SHALL ANNOUNCE GUYO AND RE:GENERATION BAND PERFORMANCES AS THEY ARE CONFIRMED. For regular updates, and links to live-streamed activities, see also our Events and Workshop pages.

JULY 2021

Friday 18th, 6.30pm – Grand Union Re:Generation Band
Poplar Union, 2 Cotall Street, Poplar, London E14 6TL 
Following its sensational return to Poplar Union in June, the Band continues its run of live performances! But it hasn't been idle in the meantime, producing - among other things - a radio broadcast commissioned by English Heritage celebrating the East London Bengali community, its music and history; and an animated film Hard Times

GUYO's last public performance was the Winter Concert in December 2019! 
Here are highlights from that event, and the previous concert: 

GUYO musicians celebrate the Yoruba orissa Eleggua with West African 12/8 drumming; and pay tribute to the late Hugh Masakela in Abdullah Ibrahim’s tune Nelson Mandela.


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