Classical Collaborations

Tony Haynes is a skilful orchestrator, and his compositions for Grand Union work well in collaboration with European classical orchestras, whether professional, amateur or student.

They range from our collaboration with the BBC Concert Orchestra in The Golden Road, The Unforgiving Sea, commissioned by BBC Radio 3 and featuring our leading jazz and world musicians and singers, to unusual versions of the BBC Ten Pieces with the Cambridgeshire schools orchestra.

These four short videos show how effectively GUO musicians and singers can be combined and contrasted with classical musicians to produce something unique and wholly original, evoking images of European trade, exploration, journeys and life along the Silk Road past and present:


Classical works can themselves be used imaginatively to frame Grand Union repertoire - as in What the River Sings, devised for the BBC's Music Nation in 2012, based on Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade; and classical orchestras and choirs can be combined with non-European ensembles - as in this piece from our re-imagining of Undream'd Shores with Leeds University orchestra, choir and local Indian musicians:


Finally, the combination of improvisation with world music styles works equally well with young classical musicians - and can even be used to demonstrate in practice how sonata form works! - seen in these two very contrasting videos:


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