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Most of Grand Union’s work is created in response to commissions and its own artistic ambitions. However, out of it have grown many projects adapting this music for a wide range of circumstances – making it an unusual and spectacular attraction for high-profile festivals and intimate cabaret-style events alike.

BOOKINGS: Richard Mallett, 07768 774 517,
MEDIA ENQUIRIES: Jo Cole, 07929 566 980,

AVAILABLE 2020 - 2021

Three great musical experiences are currently on offer:

"The Grand Union Orchestra. A feast for the ears and the eyes—and the mind!" All About Jazz

Here first are the All-Stars in action in 5 minutes of extracts from live performances, and another compilation showing them featured in a full GU orchestra context: 


"The Grand Union All-Stars. Like the diverseness of London, each musician bringing their own special instrument, sound and cultural background to the mix" Living London

The All-Stars are also central to our work with young people and families. Here first you can see them demonstrating their extraordinary range of instruments from around the world, and then styles and techniques of music associated with them, and the young musicians' responses:



"There is really nothing quite like the Grand Union Orchestra. It reaches out to areas of the music and of life that lesser ensembles would shy away from" Jazzwise

Programme either of the Grand Union ensembles, add a workshop or the Instrument Menagerie, and bring a new world of musical experience to your festival or venue!

We are always happy to discuss devising and tailoring performance, education or participatory projects for local needs and demands. Just contact Richard Mallett to discuss possibilities and negotiate prices or Jo Cole to find out more about the organisation:

BOOKINGS: Richard Mallett, 07768 774 517,

MEDIA: Jo Cole, 07929 566 980,

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